Moving to France from the UK

My latest video promoting the idea of "Moving to France from the UK".

Moving to France is no easy task for us Brits. There is much to discover behind the scenes. Once you have made your decision of moving to France, making it a most worthy effort. France has much to offer both in terms of lifestyle and simply enjoying everyday life in a mighty way. Obviously the food is fabulous... and it is quite easy to enjoy good health in France. French culture is fascinating with lingering lunches, even longer dinners, and a much slower lifestyle you will certainly relish. Whilst France is the perfect place to live, it also is the perfect place to travel. Diversions of fine art and architecture abound on every street corner and in local markets. And I did not even mention the array of world-famous fine wines and cheeses. These are just a few of the reasons why expats living in France flourish and thrive.

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