The Circular Place des Victoires

I don't know anything about genetic anthropology, but it sure seems to be an interesting subject.

Excerpt Translation
Evelyne Heyer is a genetic anthropology researcher. She uses genetic data to understand the evolution of man. A story she tells about one of the most beautiful squares in Paris.Un episode of the series Paris vu par...scientists in the 2nd district of the capital.

"At the center of the Place des Victoires is an equestrian monument in honor of King Louis XIV,[2] celebrating the Treaties of Nijmegen concluded in 1678-79. A marshal of France, François de la Feuillade, vicomte d'Aubusson, on his own speculative initiative, demolished the old private mansions on the site. Feuillade's project was soon taken over by the Bâtiments du Roi, a department attached to the king's household, and the royal architect, Jules Hardouin Mansart, was entrusted with redesigning a grander complex of buildings, still in the form of a ring of private houses, to accommodate a majestic statue of the triumphant king." Source: Wikipedia

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