The Paris Catacombs

The Catacombs is a tour you should not miss, although I would not suggest it for the faint of heart.

For over 300 years, millions of the dead of Paris were buried beneath the streets of the city. Come along as we travel underground to the Paris Catacombs and see what many say is one of the scariest places on Earth.

Cemeteries in Paris

"Paris' earliest burial grounds were to the southern outskirts of the Roman-era Left Bank city. In ruins after the Roman empire's 5th-century that fall and the ensuing Frankish invasions, Parisians eventually abandoned this settlement for the marshy Right Bank: from the 4th-century, the first known settlement there was on higher ground around a Saint-Etienne church and burial ground (behind today's Hôtel de Ville), and Right Bank urban expansion began in earnest after other ecclesiastical landowners filled in the marshlands from the late 10th century. Thus, instead of burying its dead away from inhabited areas as per usual human customs, the Paris Right Bank settlement began its life with cemeteries at its very centre." Source: Wikipedia

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