Mont Blanc - Chamonix Revisited

A romantic video of the famous resort with sights and sounds that bring this scenic tour visit to life. This video runs almost 15 minutes long but is worth viewing.

Translation form original video:
Already visited all the important ski resorts in the area of Mont Blanc from the French and Italian (Le Tour - Vallorcine, Brevent, Flegere (Les Praz), Les Grands Montets (Argentière), Mer De Glace Montenvers, Aiguille du Midi, Courmayeur). This film will not last so the ski slopes, but it looks like Chamonix when szaleństawa end on the slopes. The film begins with a snapshot of the ski bus stop in Les Praz. Ski bus takes us to the area of the historic station, where you can catch trams Mountain (rack railway) to Montenvers (http: // V = -rbywF ...), because once again we want to look at more closely to the historical heritage Chamonix, which has over 100 years of enduring interest to tourists. Then move to the center of Chamonix, which is also a kind of historical heritage. After skiing in the Chamonix Valley ski all conveyance ski buses to the city center. Many of them before going to their accommodation here is subjected to a moment of relaxation with a coffee or a beer or make small purchases. We, too, before going out again bumped here for a while. Every day was the same - only colored cab advertises the premises of the Russian pedigree changed its props. This film has already bid farewell solar Chamonix Valley. For tomorrow, the last day of our stay in the area of Mont Blanc (Courmayeur - Punta Helbronner http: // V = 3hOAG2 ...) already this majestic mountain will not see, because everything will fall into the clouds and fog.

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