Oldest Ski Resort in the French Alps

A Video Voyage presentation for the famous resort of Chamonix in the French Alps situated in the valley at the base of Mont Blanc. Chamonix is also credited with being the first host of the Winter Olympic games in 1924.

 Resort History
"Situated near the massive peaks of the Aiguilles Rouges and most notably the Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix is one of the oldest ski resorts in France and is known as the "gateway to the European Cascades." The north side of the summit of Mont Blanc, and therefore the summit itself are part of the village of Chamonix. To the south side, the situation is different depending on the country. Italy considers that the border passes through the top. France considers that the boundary runs along the rocky Tournette under the summit cap, placing it entirely in French territory." - Wikipedia

English: Aiguille du Midi (France, Chamonix) i...
English: Aiguille du Midi (France, Chamonix) in summer after sundown, seen from the Mont Blanc refuge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)