Barbera-Another Red Classic

From the Video Description - Aged for one year in Slavonian oak barrels and then in French barrique this robust and long-lasting red wine can be drunk young now or left to age in the bottle. It is characterised by its ruby red colour, by its intense vinous aroma and by its full-bodied and well-balanced dry flavour.

Outside of Italy, Barbera is rarely found in Europe except for small plantings in Greece, Romania, and the coastal region of Primorska in Slovenia. Outside of Europe, there are some plantings in Israel. Source: Wikiepedia

A bottle of the R. Voerzio Barbera d'Alba Vign...
A bottle of the R. Voerzio Barbera d'Alba Vigneti Cerreto 2004 from the Italian wine region of Piedmont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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