The Moscato Variety (Muscat Petits Grains)

From the Vidoeo Decription: The specificities of the Moscato grape called Moscato Bianco di Canelli in the Canelli region of Piedmont where organic wine producer Alessandra Bera and her family live in Piedmont is discussed. Genetically similar to Muscat Petits Grains that is grown in the south of France, the expression of the grape is quite different from what you would find elsewhere. Allesandra and her family make wine at Vittorio Bera & Figli and she sat with Ask a Winemaker at Red and White in Chicago in 2013.

(Mos-cato) The moscato variety belongs to the muscat family of grapes - and so do moscatel and muscat ottonel.

Food pairings: Moscato shows best on its own: without food but sweet wines will pair with dessert.

Districts: moscato grows in most vine-friendly climates, including Italy, the Rhône Valley (where it is called muscat blanc à petits grains) and Austria (where it is called Muskateller).

Typical taste: often sweet and always fruity, with a characteristic grapefruity and musky aroma. Moscato wines are easily recognizable to anyone who has tasted a Muscat table grape. Via: French Scout