Barfield School - Intro Video

"Barfield School" The First Book in the Trilogy "Call of France"

About the Story...

The first novel in the trilogy CALL OF FRANCE, Barfield School is a psychological dramatization of some of the things which led the author to start a new life in a country he’s always felt an irresistible attraction for.

Disappointing academic results, an unfortunate first love and a negative first job experience have all gone to make Michael Morgan deeply disillusioned with the path his life has taken. He decides to train to become a French teacher. But at his parents’ home the atmosphere is poisoned, school life soon becomes tedious, and his disastrous handling of relations with two female colleagues leads to disturbing repercussions ... and tragedy strikes.

He longs to wipe the slate of his past clean by realizing his dream of making a fresh start to life in France.  And then he's given the chance of immersing himself in an exciting business venture. Should he stay in England or pursue his French dream? Wouldn’t both allow him to escape from the tensions at home and school to a more fulfilling life? Or is it himself he's  running away from?