Merlot - Classic Red Grape

A short video containing basic information about Merlot red wine. The video covers the history of Merlot, A list of major characteristics and food pairings for Merlot red wine. Presented in bullet form, the video will give you a short overview of Merlot wine.

History of Merlot
"The earliest recorded mention of Merlot (under the synonym of Merlau) was in the notes of a local Bordeaux official who in 1784 labeled wine made from the grape in the Libournais region as one of the area's best. In 1824, the word Merlot itself appeared in an article on Médoc wine where it was described that the grape was named after the local black bird (called Merlau in the local Occitan language) who liked eating the ripe grapes on the vine. Other descriptions of the grape from the 19th century called the variety lou seme doù flube (meaning "the seedling from the river") with the grape thought to have originated on one of the islands found along the Garonne river." Via: Wikipedia

Merlot grapes moving from one sorting table to...
Merlot grapes moving from one sorting table to the next at the Margaux estate of the French wine producer in Bordeaux. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)