Famous Cabernet Sauvignon

Qualities of Cabernet Sauvignon

Excerpt from the Video Description - Cabernet sauvignon is a proud French grape and the principal variety behind France's most famous red wine, Bordeaux. With its lacy, dark green leaf and tight bunches it's one of the more handsome vines in the vineyard. It has quite rightly been called the king of the red grapes.

"Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world's most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major wine producing country among a diverse spectrum of climates from Canada's Okanagan Valley to Lebanon's Beqaa Valley." Excerpt from Wikipedia
Growing in the wine region of St-Estephe in th...
Growing in the wine region of St-Estephe in the Medoc, Bordeaux France (Photo credit: Wikipedia)