The Opportunities of Easter

Easter Weekend in France
Easter is a longer holiday in France than it is in the United States. While the U.S. observes Easter Sunday as a holiday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are typically not recognized. In France, Easter always consists of a long weekend, and in some sectors, a week or two of vacation centered around the long weekend. In addition to having the chance for a holiday, the French also take the opportunities of Easter to include visiting family and/or friends, and relaxing a considerable amount. Via:

English: Cover of Puck magazine, 6 April 1901....
English: Cover of Puck magazine, 6 April 1901. "Columbia's Easter bonnet / Ehrhart after sketch by Dalrymple." Français : Couverture du magazine Puck du 6 avril 1901. « Le nouveau bonnet de Colombia pour pâques ». Gravure d'Ehrhart d'après un dessin de Dalrymple. Sur le « bonnet » en forme de bateau de guerre, on peut lire « pouvoir mondial ». Sur les canons « Armée » et « Marine ». (Photo credit: Wikipedia)